Monday, January 31, 2005

life in the seventh level

it just struck me that mardi gras is next week. i'm terrified. i can already sense my eyeballs starting to bleed. i hate crowds, i hate stupid drunk people (including myself), i hate crowds of stupid drunk people, i hate watching whores (that's right - WHORES!) flash body parts for fake plastic jewelry made in malaysia by ten-year-olds, i hate cajun music, and i hate watching people having fun while i'm miserable.

"but i'm not a whore! i just like to have a good time." okay, if you offer up sexual favors of any kind in the hopes of getting something in return (especially something so cheap and useless), you are a whore. but jesus loves you.

this is just another bad stretch of the year. first mardi gras, then v.d., and then easter (when the ghost of peter rabbit rises from the grave to feast on the cabbage of the living). and then the ides of march. i may as well go drink brake fluid and eat vioxx.

thanks pfizer.

didn't we just get done with one holiday season? and now another? for fuck's sake.

and please, skip the valentine's day stories. or don't ask why when you drop off my blogroll and you never hear from me again. if those sound like positives, then by all means write something really saccharine that makes you feel better and the rest of us worse.

see: goddamned pink

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