Thursday, January 27, 2005

autre television fallacy

i'm a big fan of smallville on the wb, but my how those kids (those damn kids!) do not look like high-schoolers.

remember 90210 during the fifth or sixth season? they were seniors for about the third year in a row and dylan was balding, brenda had hot flashes and jason priestly was collecting social security.

the only teen tv show i've ever seen that was believable in depicting high school was my so-called life. although it's been so long since i've watched it that maybe my substance-abused memory is lying to me.

i had a girlfriend in high school who kinda looked like claire danes. i think she joined the marines, got married and crapped out kids.

smallville is great and entertaining, but mostly i want to see how long they can pass clark kent off as a teenager.

and holy crap sarah carter is hot! i think i'm heartbroken that i can't see her on television 24 hours a day. seriously.

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