Sunday, December 12, 2004

post written while drunk

i got home early saturday morning and apparently wrote this without publishing it. i barely remember writing it. it's embarrassing, but what the eff. i did some editing, but mostly spelling stuff:

if i suddenly had a biological urge to procreate, and thereby needed to find a vessel to facilitate this (how romantic), where do you meet people?

bars - if i talk to a girl at a bar it's because:

a) i'm drunk
b) i'm horny
c) i want to find true love
d) a and b, never c

it's ironic - in the environment where meeting people is easy (thank you seagram's) chances are you're not going to meet anyone you would want to be with for any extended period of time.

but aren't there girls who go out who have the same mentality? so that everyone accepts the fact that they'll never meet a quality person at a bar, and therefore noone is ever even looking?

so i should start looking? but my screening process isn't reliable when drinking. next thing i know i'm chewing off my own arm.

and no i cannot, nor do i know how anyone could, be in a bar and not drink. it's about the most annoying environment imaginable (strobe lights? smoke? noise? people?). how could you possibly stand it sans the influence.

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