Thursday, December 30, 2004

phizz thoughts on 2004

sucked donkey balls for the world, was pretty good for me. trying to remember what my goals for the year were, i think just to get a job and a place in the city. and i did both of those, so rah rah. but, as is the nature of the beast, i am not content at all. but i'll address future goals tomorrow maybe.

when i think back to 2004 i'll remember foremost the election and how pissed off i was about politics. i've never been this involved or attentive, but i don't think it has ever been this outrageous and overtly scandalous in my lifetime.

it's really hard to say what you'll remember about a certain year right when it's ending. you need some time to gain perspective. the tsunami will definitely be remembered, but i don't think the magnitude and reality of the whole thing will sink in for a while.

how about the return of jesus? he certainly came back with a vengeance didn't he. and it turns out he hates gays and black voters and choice and change and human rights. we'll have to preface all future references to 2004 with "in the year of our lord..."

pop culture items i want to forget from this year:
  • the creature known as paris hilton
  • more mind-numbing television reality garbage
  • lip-syncing pod people trying to pass themselves off as "artists"
  • homo-erotic history-based blockbuster movies
  • the rolling stone "greatest 500 songs" list - wrong on so many levels
  • the brian wilson album
  • anything related to television media and major "news" networks
  • was the janet jackson boobie thing this year? i'm remembering that one.
  • hearing oprah ask "what exactly does 'tossing a salad' mean"
and the war, my deity, the war. what can i say that hasn't already been said.

but hoo-rah for the blogosphere, a constant source of entertainment and therapy. thanks blog people - jesus loves you so deal with it.

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