Saturday, December 18, 2004

drunken brawl drawl

last night fun. did the usual start-drinking-at-five-until-tmie-to-go-out-at-midnight thing. took in a bar fight at a bar we usually don't go to. people fighting in bars make me laugh. got more drunk, came home after closing time, sat around drinking and watching movies until five or six in the a.m.

my downstairs neighbor was blasting country music at 3 in what i think was protest for my music and goings-on. she knows i don't like country, so i think she was just being childish and spiteful. just ask me to turn it down if it's too loud? right?

it's not as if your people aren't parking in my parking space all the time. even though i don't drive, it's the principle of the thing. when you assume you make an ass of u and etcetera.

so slept all day. just woke up a bit ago. around seven-ish. waiting for food to be delivered. it ain't rape if you know her.

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