Friday, December 17, 2004

blinded me with science!

this morning i had an eye checkup appointment. my pupils are dilated like kelly ripa's vagina. funny enough, they put me in a waiting room called "the dilating room" where you wait for the eyedrops to take effect. in the room are several stacks of magazines to read. if you've ever had your pupils dilated, you know that it's impossible to see anything closer than a foot from your face.

no thinking ahead on the magazines-in-the-dilating-room plan i guess.

so now i can't see shit. i can't edit this post, for a few hours anyway. so you get phizz - raw, and uncut. (what i'm jewish now?). speaking of which, the doctor i saw was from israel. very weird guy.

album of the jour: joanna newsom the milk-eyed mender

i don't really like this album. her voice scares the shit out of me. i'm making it my album of the day because it's good, and my fear of joanna newsom and her harp shouldn't stop others from giving it a listen.

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