Tuesday, December 07, 2004

down with the sickness

my head feels like a big bowl of steaming dog plop. everything seems to be happening in slow motion. my throat is killing me. i refuse to answer the phone, which really has very little to do with the illness. more to do with my aversion to customers and clients. life would be great without customers and clients.

i'm going to see a doctor this afternoon for antibiotics (drugs or bust). i don't like waiting rooms, but i like leaving work early. who cares. reh reh rah.

this is a pretty entertaining story. the crux: a cargo plane with the phrase "Eelect George W. Bush" on it crashed into a lake in florida. yes, they spelled "elect" with two e's intentionally. and the plane crashed. in florida.

metaphors... overwhelming... meager... brain...

i read my post from december 7 of last year, and 2003 phizz made 2004 phizz laugh.

album of the jour: the spinanes manos

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