Wednesday, November 03, 2004

very proud day for us and our families

well it couldn't have been much worse of a day/morning for us. i'm heartbroken. i feel like i just caught the love of my life boning her surf instructor sideways.

on the plus side it's going to be really entertianing watching so many people die and go broke and suffer over the next four years. isn't that what we in america are all about? entertainment and fun and excitement and explosions and drama at any cost? it's the only rationale i can come up with for what happened. we'll accept smoke and mirrors and hollywood special effects any day of the week before we accept substance and reason.

but things always have a way of balancing out, and that's not just the buddhist in me talking. right now our entire government is so heavily tilted that i think it will eventually implode on itself. we'll get to a point where the shit storm is so drastic that it will be impossible even for the rightiest among us to ignore, and the international community won't stand for it.

one important thing to remember is that what we need in this country is a movement. ralph nader's mantra was that we need extreme renovations in the two-party system. but what pissed me off is that he only turns up once every four years to shout this from the mount, and that dog will not hunt. the effort is much bigger than any one election and we have to remember that and keep working.

the only true worthy act in life is helping those that can't help you back, and that's something we can do regardless of what cake-fucker is in the white house.

and hey, at least we smartie-pants people have that much more evidence that we are rare and special. i feel special.

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