Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the ductility of fact

i'm of the opinion that, in general, liberals use reason and evidence to reach a rational conclusion, and republicans (not necessarily conservatives) reach a desired conclusion and then create the rationale they need to arrive at said conclusion.

my own liberal values are very important to me, but how much? would i (knowingly or unknowingly) skew the way i look at facts and news so that my personal progressive dogma remains sound in my own mind? i know i'm certian of my outlook on politics and believe strongly that i'm correct. what about the right-leaning person who is equally positive that they're right?

it's like the american civil war, in which both the north and south were sure that god was on their side. not much has changed except that the modern-day version is "my god is better than your god". who's right?

it seems that what liberals stand for is better for the country than what conservatives stand for, better for that majority of people who don't live the top-one-percent lifestyle. george bush has sought with every policy decision to deepen the pockets of wealthy cohorts at the expense of the lower class, upon whose back our economy rests. this doesn't seem right to me.

but the laundry list (or "litany" - i just made up that word) about what i find faulty with the bush administration is too long for me to even think about without the aid of drink and a hammer. suffice it to say, the country is in the toilet. those who say otherwise are just construing faulty logic and fooling themselves to safe-guard and placate their own values and interests. beeatch.

album of the jour: go vote your conscience fuckers

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