Monday, October 11, 2004

r.i.p. superman

i was going to attach a nail-clipper to my keychain just now; i always need it at work but forget to bring it. i just clipped my nails, and now i can't get the clipper on the keyring because my nails are too short to open the ring enough to put it on. irony sucks.

things i thought about while trying to go to sleep last night:

isn't the word "forewarning" redundant?
what three things have i done wrong during the bush presidency?
why no lingerie commercials for the overweight individual?
william safire is a douchebag.
i should share more pictures of the cat on here.

my top 5 james spader movies:

1. pretty in pink............aristocratic ass
2. less than zero............evil drug-dealing ass
3. mannequin................nerdy, geeky managerial ass
4. secretary...................sadomasochistic ass-slapper
5. white palace.............getting ass and tiny hamburgers from susan sarandon

although i like pretty much everything spader does, those are the tops kiddos. with honorable mention to 2 days in the valley.

album of the jour: polara c'est la vie

*the new le tigre should be my album of the day every day for the rest of my life


mc80 said...

I've now tried to sit through Less Than Zero twice (including this morning!) but just can't get past the cheesyness AND bad acting from Jamie Gertz or whatever her name is.

Secretary all the way!

Phillip said...

no way man, less than zero is awesome... great portrayal of eighties yuppie lifestyle and decadence and tragedy. it's practically robert downey jr.'s biography. i don't think jamie gertz did a bad job. i've always had a thing for her though (ever since i saw the lost boys).

Phillip said...

and the soundtrack kicks fucking ass! bangles, ll cool j (less than zero made "going back to cali" popular) etc.

bunny said...

All film performances of James Spader are blown away by his performance on The Practice. That is one of the greatest characters of all time, and he pulls it off spectacularly. Less Than Zero...I'm embarrassed to say I heart the BJ scene with Robert Downey. Like blowing some guy for drugs is the lowest he could stoop to (no pun intended).

Phillip said...

sorry bunny, i think that pun was completely intended :)

i don't watch tv so i missed spader on "the practice". cameron man-ham scares me anyway.

PusBoy said...

The Lost Boys soundtrack is awesome, too. The last vinyl album I ever bought.

And, unfortuantely (or fortunately) for me, we do have plus-size lingerie commercials here in my hometown. It's for an indie boutique that caters to plus-size women. The female announcer in the commercial has a British accent and uses the term "full figger" about 20 times over images of large ladies in teddies and garter belts.

These commercials only run late at night, when folks like PusBoy can't sleep or are feeding an infant, or both.

I thought 2 Days in the Valley sucked, with the exception of introducing Charlize Theron. Of your five favorite Spader movies, I have only seen #2 and #3, which is odd, because watch a lot of movies. Some slip past me, though (most notably the Indiana Jones trilogy), not because I avoid them. Just because.

Finally, I always have an argument with my wife every time James Spader comes up. (About once a year.) She INSISTS that he was the blonde bad guy in "The Karate Kid," and I insist he's not. And, no matter how much proof I offer or print out from, she refuses to believe me.

Phillip said...

what was the deal with that lead-singer guy at the carnival in the lost boys who wore purple spandex pants and played the saxophone like it was some sort of cool-rock instrument? that was so odd.

Anonymous said...

Your cat is fat.

oyster said...

Your cat is fat.

Phillip said...

Your cat is fat.