Tuesday, October 26, 2004

moving out!

cha-cha-cha. i found an apartment yesterday and am finally moving out... at long last. it's a duplex - i have the second floor, one bedroom, bath, living room, kitchen, outdoor deck, all for $350 a month. this morning i am quite the cat who swallowed the canary. it's within walking distance of downtown and its many watering holes.

and the guy who owns the house, my landlord, is also the owner of the zoo of acadiana and said he would give me free passes. that means i can hang with the monkeys any time! i mean, honest-to-god monkeys! and there's a white tiger!

i hope the girl on the first floor is cool with moderate weekend rowdiness. anyway, color me happy, for now.

album of the jour: interpol antics

initially i didn't like the new interpol, but it's growing on me. and often the growers turn out to be exceptional.

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