Thursday, October 14, 2004

least favorite music stuff

nope, i'm sleepy and don't want to be here, have nothing to do, am alone in the office, but can't take a nap. here's a list of my least favorite music stuff and styles - it has a nice fm-radio theme to it:

britney, christina, pink, jessica, shakira - all the same, all suck. concerning jessica simpson - she is not attractive. she looks like she's had collagen injected into her chin. she is retarded. apologies to all the retards out there (except her fans).
boy bands - you know who they are; i can't actually type their names. their songs are not music. this includes any solo efforts by members therein.
train - drops of jupiter.....this is.just.bad. suck my ass
avril lavigne - i'm a punk! eff you! grrr!
evanescence - people will hate me for this, but they were not the first band of this style. they weren't the second. they weren't the third. they weren't the... not that the music is bad. i just hate it when a band breaks out with a "new" sound even though it's been done over and over by great bands no one has heard of. i guess it's not their fault, but it still sticks in my craw.
matchbox 20 - i need a shower
modern day hip-hop - why did rap become about nothing but booties.
rage rock - we're angry and must break stuff and scream because our swimming pools have too much chlorine. i've seen cribs, your lives are not that bad.
good charlotte - bad. charlotte. bad!
anything american idol-related - another proud moment for our country. i pride myself on never having seen an episode.
sean paul - is he jamaican? shaggy? just untalented?
99.9% of country music - the other one-tenth percent goes toward a select few alt-country artists (neko case) that i may or may not be in love with.

again, all music on fm radio... run away, run away.

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