Thursday, October 07, 2004

don't read if you're looking for original content

i hate filler lists like the following. i can't think of anything else worthy of posting right now.

first best friend: i'll let you know
first car: cutlass with no ac and non-working windows (typical microsoft)
first real kiss: a rough trick named annette
first break-up: same, when i ran out of dollar bills
first screen name: betterthanjesus, scourge of mIRC religious chat rooms
first self-purchased album: metallica black album (i know, shame. i was young)
first funeral: that "death of irony" thing after 9/11
first pet: little brother joseph (the family refers to him as "our little accident")
first piercing/tattoo: ear, no tattoo
first credit card: mastercard(s), just paid off
first enemy: skeletor
first big trip: acid
first music you remember hearing in your house: the mom and dad slap-fight percussion experience

last cigarette: wee hours of saturday morning
last car ride: what in god's name am i doing
last kiss: drunken make-out action in june
last good cry: 8:14 a.m.
last library book checked out: james joyce, ulysses
last book bought: immanuel kant, critique of pure reason
last movie seen: raising arizona
last beverage drank: diet rite
last food consumed: low-carb protein bar
last phone call: from an incompetant "how do i plug this in?" client
last time showered: last night
last shoes worn: whatever i have on my feet right now. don't feel like looking down.
last item bought: sexual favor
last annoyance: right now, filling out this pointless list
last time wanting to die: just a second ago, no a second ago, wait, this past second, that second just passed, this second, that second... now... now... now...

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album of the jour: unbunny snow tires

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john bender said...

Last time I vomited: Just Now!