Thursday, September 30, 2004

this is a post

my nyc-dwelling friend jill is coming to town this weekend. it's always a party with jill! she lives in brooklyn... no sleep from. my parents are also in town this weekend, hopefully with a bounty of gifts for their eldest in tow. they like to bribe me for attention. i don't mind.

i'm about to join bmg again. love getting 12 cd's in the mail at once for mega savings, savings, savings. poor bmg, i must have signed up twenty different times in my cd-wrangling tenure. i have more aliases registered with them than.... some... crime person with a lot of aliases. fuck. you can't really get away with that anymore, but it doesn't matter because their selection sucks. after this order there is nothing else they have that i'll want, so it's the end of the affair. i'll probably post the list of what i order just to take up space.

debates tonight - i'd watch it but i would have had to start drinking about four hours ago, so i guess that's an uh-uh. it'll just be style versus substance anyway.

album of the jour: huggy bear taking the rough with the smooth


mangey cur said...

Har...I've done the alias cd thang...twas recieving cd's for Ozzy Osborne, Steven Tyler, Charlie Brown, etc. I can't believe they actually shipped them to me. Sold the cds for cigarettes at the time. Bad.

carissa said...

i do believe i tried to join a couple of times and the never sent me shit! ah well. should learn more about the alias thing, though. hah!


Phillip said...

they won't just send cd's out anymore without getting a payment first. but you can still join and get 12 for the price of 1 and then quit, then re-join if you wanted. it averages out to around three bucks per cd.

bunny - i used to do the same thing when i was strapped for cash. there are so many cherished possessions that i had to pawn for drinking money during college. happy, fuzzy memories...

PusBoy said...

You missed a pretty good debate last night, Phizz.

As for BMG, I once signed up as the tenant in the upstairs apartment that my parents rented out when I was in my teens. "Darryl" had skipped out on the last month's rent, and I'm sure that BMG collection efforts are still on his credit record.

Ah, but that mail fraud was years ago. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, BITCHES!