Friday, September 03, 2004

strong oak man

fridays seem to be slow blog reading/writing days. why, why? perhaps due to all the "normies" making party plans for the upcoming extended weekend. fucking normies.

as for my weekend plans (who am i kidding - plan, just one), tonight is michelob night. it has been nye and twenty nights (i don't know what that means - three weeks) since my last tasty beverage, strong-willed oak man that i am (easy to not drink when unconscious). yes, i will draw a nice bath and light candles, and my chardonnay, bath beads, and norah jones cd will spend some quality labor-day-weekend time in the salle de bains. strong oak man.

i only admit this because it's friday and people don't read on friday. my personal equivalent of white house bad-news releases on fridays. drink and forget...drink and forget...sleeeepy....sleeeeepy...poppies...poppies...

actually it's just beer, cigarettes and really loud music.

is it necessarily bad to drink alone? i rather enjoy it... and it's not like i'm sitting in the dark crying and rubbing my nipples while i drink the pain away. it's optimistic alcoholic solitaire.

album of the jour: forget cassettes instruments of action


Webmiztris said...

Norah Jones and a warm bath, huh? I thought my Friday was lame. LOL!

I'll be crying and rubbing my nipples in the dark.

Phillip said...

yeah but you're a girl, rubbing your nipples in the dark is pretty hot. for a guy to do it, well.... it's just sad.