Tuesday, September 14, 2004

retrospectively speaking

i've begun acclimatization to pre-1980 music, as was suggested to me by murph himself. bnads (i was going to correct that typo but i think i like bnads better) include: the velvet undergound, bowie, the beach boys (my aunt actually has pet sounds on vinyl), the kinks... and despite an inexplicable life-long grudge, the beatles (my distaste exists on two levels: one, i think my parents used to listen to them; and 2, i've heard them referred to as the first boy band). not so inexplicable after all i guess.

i've no real intention of exploring any other older stuff presently, except your momma. i would still take recommendations, assuming you've perused my album list and think there is something i'd like. just pimp it out negroes.

i am now and have always been addicted to new releases and invention/exploration in music, but i realize that it's important to recognize lineage and influence. but remember, one foot in tomorrow and one in yesterday means you're pissing on today (thank you AA).

and while i'm on the subject, i really wish every person with a blog would have some list with their favorite albums on it (there's that "favorite music" section of the profile, but that's too non-specific, i.e. complete crap). you can tell a great deal about people by the cd's they like. an on-line cd favs list would be the virtual equivalent of having up-skirt priveleges on someone. yeeowsah.

i honestly don't care what people put in a paragraph describing themselves. vanity or unawareness always skews a person's autobiographical information (if you have ever described yourself as "sexy" then we can't be friends anymore).

album of the jour: mates of state our constant concern


Flamingo Jones said...

Can I just say that there is a special (and very warm) place in hell for whoever referred to the beatles as "the first boy band."

I looked at your list of favorite cds, and we seem to have a lot in common, musically speaking. Have you heard the self-titled stellastarr* disc? It's been around awhile but no one I talk to has heard of it. (For some reason I have an inexplicable need to pimp bands that I have nothing to do with and not get paid for it).

Here's part of a review I wrote about it some time ago, thought you might appreciate it:
When you first hear Stellastarr*, it's easy to pick up on certain influences. Take a dash of The Pixies, add a heaping helping of Interpol, a pinch of David Byrne, and sprinkle with The Cure to taste. Not horribly original, but it's certainly a recipe for success. Stellastarr* achieves a great post-punk, retro new-wave sound that falls happily between mopey "Life sucks, I'm going to kill myself" grunge rock and "This song is so painfully annoying, I'm going to kill myself" modern pop. ...I've had the chorus to "Somewhere Across Forever" running through my head on more than one occasion. And, much to my own amusement, I think that "A Million Reasons" is the sort of song Robert Smith might listen to if he ever went to the beach (Personally, I like to picture him at the beach, with his SPF 50+ sunblock, under an umbrella, sipping on a mai-tai, grooving along to this song). It's just that sort of song.

Phillip said...

i have the stellastarr* cd....it's good, not the greatest thing in the world, but good.

Murph said...

good move on The Kinks ... check out Muswell Hillbillies if you haven't yet. You have to love a concept album about the mediocrities of urban renewal. I'd also recommend Television's "Marquee Moon" and, if you're digging the Bowie, Brian Eno "Here Come the Warm Jets."

Phillip said...

brian eno - good suggestion

Murph said...

One more and I promise I'll stop: Gang of Four's "Entertainment" is the best Marxist punk money can buy.

Phillip said...

will check it out, thanks murph

Phillip said...

murph have you listened to any idlewild?

badger said...

try the Nuggets compilations too.

Murph said...

working on it, phizz.