Wednesday, November 05, 2003

spin city

while watching rich girls earlier on mtv (not proud of it, but at least applaud my honesty) i had a great idea for a freind of mine and i to make our own tv show called poor old dudes. instead of riding around in a limo, they could film us pushing his car down the road after it stalls. and come with us to goodwill as we look for clothes that could pass for semi-new (as opposed to the 5th avenue ventures of the rich girls). and also, instead of having our own private catered parties, we could be shown trying to get buzzed on cheap vodka before going to a no-cover bar with $1.00 bourbon (even though we sneak our own liquor in with small flasks). or us fucked up at 3 in the morning trying to make a meal out of whole wheat tortillas and ice cubes. perhaps a condiment or two. and our big drama scenes would involve us fighting over the last chalupa we saved up for from taco bell. yeah.

album du jour: tahiti 80 puzzle

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