Thursday, November 06, 2003

posthumous post

it's actually friday when i'm writing this...thinking of something noteworthy to mention about thursday. i spent all day pretty much downloading hotfixes and patches and service packs for my computer that i've been putting off forever. not sure why i was dreading it... but it's done.

thinking about buying a digital camera. just something cheap. my friend just bought a webcam and i was chatting with her yesterday while looking at her simultaneously. not a novel idea, but new to me. i initially wanted to get one too, but then i thought, do i really want people looking at me while i'm on here. i'd end up forgetting it was on and then molesting myself for all to see. and that just wouldn't be good for anyone.

album du jour: some girls feel it

juliana hatfield and frieda love from the blake babies reformed to make some girls with heidi glick (bass, formerly of the pieces). and if you don't know of the blake babies, well, my god.

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