Saturday, October 25, 2003

rocco all day long

what a fun and hedonistic time i had thursday night, and in fact yesterday and today. it's been a very nice birthday weekend. i rented the second charlie's angels movie and it was fucking spectacular. what else would you expect from a director named mc'g. very funny stuff. i rented the new re-enhanced version of the exorcist as well and was rather disappointed. having never seen it, i thought it was supposed to be "the scariest movie ever," as it was billed, so maybe my expectations were just a bit high. at any rate, i've seen better.

i actually sat through a six-hour the restaurant marathon today. it certainly churns up bad memories of my table-waiting days. days gratefully forgotten (i seem to have several periods in my live i consider "gratefully forgotten". ah well).

album du jour: the strokes room on fire

the first time i listened to this album i wanted to cry it was so good. hopefully it's not one of those things that sounds spectacular the first time you hear it and then gets very old very quickly. at the moment anyway i love it.

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