Friday, October 17, 2003

dirty bubbles

not sure why but i was thinking about these two girls who i went to junior high with that hung out together all the time. their names happened to be dawn and joy. it just occurred to me today that those are both names of dishwashing soaps. i don't know why i think of that now, or why it never occurred to me before. i wonder if anybody who knew me in the past ever wonders what i'm doing, or who's alive and who's not. i just assume that at present everyone i went to school with has at least married once and shot out or fathered at least one demon spawn, if not several from different partners. i guess i grew up around alot of sluts. ironic that i didn't score until age 19.

i keep expecting to wake up from my days

"if you read your poetry aloud to me i'll have to show you to the door"

album du jour: my bloody valentine loveless

from "My Bloody Valentine" by Joe McGlinchey (Jan. 1996)

It was on one late December evening in 1991 that I received my first exposure to the band My Bloody Valentine. A friend and I were watching television and flipping through various channels. We finally settled on what I believe was MTV's "120 Minutes" program. For most of the videos we saw, we weren't terribly impressed. But throughout the My Bloody Valentine video, we didn't say a word. We just sat and listened. After the video, my friend managed to state, "Wow! That was very good!" I didn't think about them for the next month and a half.

In February, back at school in Boston, I made one of my usual excursions into Tower Records. By this time, I could barely remember the name of the band. I merely thought of them as "that blissed-out band with vocals but no lyrics". I picked up their latest release, "Loveless", brought it home, and popped in my roommate's CD player. I remember that by the time I reached track #3 (a short, bizarre instrumental entitled "Touched"), my roommate, all the while in the same room, frowned and said, "What the fuck is this whale music?" I took this as a promising sign, since his musical inclinations leaned more towards the greatest hits of Night Ranger, R.E.O. Speedwagon, and Roxette. This is known in testing as good construct validity.

As I listened to "Loveless" more and more, I came to know and appreciate each track as discrete and accomodating.....

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