Thursday, September 18, 2003

mikey will try anything

out of boredom this afternoon i took my can of office depot compressed air and put the little cocktail straw attached to it in my mouth and tried breathing it in, just to see what would happen. nothing did. i need to get another can of air though.

it's probably a dangerous sign when life gets so monotonous that you start looking for things around the house to ingest and/or inhale.

my little cousins found half a pack of cigarettes in my desk drawer, which were leftovers from the last time i went out. they gave me one of those child-like innocent looks and asked what i was doing with them. i answered by asking them what they were doing scrounging around in my desk. but the damage is done, i feel like a bad influence (although i only smoke when drinking. i should have told them that. it sounds much better right?). as if i didn't have enough indignities in my life to worry about, now i'm getting them from children.

album of the day: hooverphonic blue wonder power milk

they have a newer one out, but i prefer this one

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