Friday, September 19, 2003

classgear brand

the following is something i wrote a couple years ago wehn i was closer to alright:

there are always people telling us what we want, how they will provide it, and what we should believe. convictions are infetious, and people can make others convinced of almost anything. we are typically ready to believe that our ways, our beliefs, our religion, our politics are better than theirs, or that our god-given rights trump theirs or that our interests require defensive or proactive, or pre-emptive strikes against them. ultimately, it is ideas for which people kill each other. it is because of notions about what the others are like, or who we are, or what our interests/rights require, that we go to war, or oppress others with a good conscience, or even sometimes acquiesce in our own oppression by others. when these beliefs involve the slumber of reason, critical awakening is the antidote. introspection enables us to step abck, to see our perspective on a situation as possibly distorted or even blind; at the very least to see if there is argument or preferring our ways, or whether it is just subjective. could there, though, be drawbacks to said antidote? the area between narcisism and envy is gray, and certainly there exists some rather tumultuous overstep. (cont'd)

there's alot more, but at present i've had too much wine and don't feel like transcribing it from my classgear notebook. maybe i will at another date. i can't say why i felt like bringing this up now, except that i was reading through my writing(s) and was somewhat vilified by this segment. if anyone wants some more let me know. this first installment is free....

album of the day: beulah yoko

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