Wednesday, September 17, 2003

john donne right on

why does seemingly every person on earth feel the need to couple at a certain age? i see person after person grow up, whether it be friends or relatives or celebrities or whoever, and like clockwork they just pair up with someone at or around a certain age. i don't understand society's need for compulsory companionship just because it's the time to do it. maybe people need outside validation. there seems to be some unwritten law that you should be with someone and eventually get married and have babies. i do understand the need for species perpetuation, but it gets very old very quickly when every single person you know or know of is paired off like like some prize cow. why is the duo ideal, and why do people feel bad for the lone. noone makes movies about some guy or girl trying to get out of being a couple (for the pure sake of being single), only getting into one (or variations upon variations thereof). i don't know why i have this axe to grind. really. i'm sure there's some deep-rooted need for self-validation that's trying to come out somewhere in there, but that can be said about almost anything anyone does. so anyway, i'm going to defiantly make efforts to be proud of being an island unto myself and try to celebrate solitude (after i buy some vaseline of course).

album of the day: the weakerthans reconstruction site

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