Thursday, August 14, 2003

social hangover

guess debauchery was last night's theme. just some wholesome old-fashioned alcohol-induced viceral carnage and mayhem, which i do require once a week or so. there is a possibility that there will be an encore performance tomorrow night. what an addict i am becoming in my ripe old age.

it's nice that i'm becoming somewhat more satisfied with myself in some ways. i don't know if that is the exact way i would describe it, but it's the best i can do at the moment. language (words) can at times be very limiting. i think it saddens me a little the day after being social, that i have to recoil to my little room in my little world which seems so detached from everything and everyone. saddening and rather frustrating that i can't do much to change my present station in life until i find work. maybe i should start peddling religious tchotchkes on the side of the road next to the watermelon and shrimp stands. but then i'd have to start making religious tchotchkes, and i don't really want to be that guy.

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