Monday, September 13, 2010

Get off your fat asses

Do we have just cause to be angry with the obese? Because at the end of the day isn’t it a question of shame? I fully understand and empathize with eating emotionally, perhaps having a bigger appetite than other people, and all the other travails that factor into being overweight. Really—FULLY.

At some point though when I was at my heaviest even I, with my turbulent bouts of depression, reached a tipping point where gaining more weight (eating more) just wasn’t an option because it left me too ashamed to go out in public.

Common wisdom would have you think that a person who couldn’t fit into a seat in a movie theater or on an airplane would perhaps want to keep such embarrassments low-profile. Nope. I've heard second-hand tales of double-assed citizenry making scenes in such instances.

The subways are worse—they just sit on you if the spare seat next to you can’t fit them. Don’t bother moving over. This fat woman is about to tell you what she wants for X-mas whether you’re down or not.

We need more shame. Everybody needs more shame.

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