Saturday, August 26, 2006

Keats and Yeats are on your side

I also wanted to write a blog about how Dane Cook sucks, but my time is better spent doing... anything but pondering Dane Cook.

Last night I bore witness to nothing but happy couples. Doing couple-y things. Historically this would send me into a spiral of self-pity and bitter loathing, but this morning I strangely find myself unbothered. I credit Mel Gibson and blame 9/11.

Also last night I found out that old friends of mine:

a. Got married without inviting me
b. Moved away without telling me
c. Moved back to Lafayette without contacting me

Three seperate people, mind you.

Not that I desire to be the center of anyone's universe, but FUCK it's a lot of personal disregard to absorb in one night.

Again, I am atypically unbothered. All the zen and meditating and medicating must be paying off. Suck it Tom Cruise!

I noticed in the local Lafayette party line pinko rag that someone was shot and killed at the mall. Strangely I don't care.

Happy birthday Stuart Murdoch!

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Ian McGibboney said...

I know you don't care about the mall shooting, Phillip, but even you have to be cynically amused at how commenters on the story are blaming the shooting of a Breaux Bridge girl by her Lafayette ex-boyfriend on Katrina evacuees. Brilliant thinkers, unite!

As for your "friends," that same stuff seems to be happening with me too. Weird, isn't it? It seems that personal relationships in Lafayette are either too trivial to be bothered with or so pertinent that they result in death over drama.

Ah, Lafayette!

Phillip said...

Lafayette seems to be fraught with too much melodrama in general. I try to keep myself in the status of humble observer and it works pretty well for me.

Good to hear from you Ian. I haven't been on here in a while.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, I agree. It's like everyone's within three degrees or less with one another. Ick.

So what are you up to?

Phillip said...

Pretty much the same old. I've been blogging on myspace still but want to move back to blogspot.