Friday, March 17, 2006

we're alone?

"coalition of the willing" is a ludicrous, jackassed coinage. why not "coalition of the coaliters" or "group of the group members?" fuck almighty. has there ever been a coalition of dissenters? if not we should form one. why is this on my mind.

i wear no green today, but god bless the catholic faith, that celebrates the day recognizing a saint by getting piss-drunk and beating up each other. mmmmmmm that's good religion.

"he teaches us how to love! shut up before i kill you!"

ima go home and eat xanbars and doritos and spend quality face time with my pillow. i'll buy a six-pack and pour it on the ground in front of a homeless person and/or a catholic.

my comfortable couch has fleas all over it thanks to cat. ladies' home journal online told me to sprinkle salt on it to get rid of the fleas. the fleas are gone, but now when i wake up from a nap i'm really thirsty.

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the high violets

to where you are (2006)

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