Thursday, March 23, 2006

letter to the editor

If Cindy Sheehan could camp outside Bush's ranch to protest the Iraq war, then I can set a camp outside the White House to support the pre-emptive strike policy of our national security strategy?

Pre-emptive strike policy is not only our superdoctrine but also a military strategy to save lives, time and a great many of our resources.

The White House has reaffirmed the pre-emptive strike policy. Whether you are white, black, brown or yellow, you should support our national goal, which assures you the right to pre-emptively attack any enemy states or terrorist groups seeking weapons of mass destruction.
We cannot stand and watch dangers coming to us. If other measures fail, pre-emptive attack is our first choice to deal with our enemies.

Iran tops the list of nations threatening the U.S.

The North Korea weapons program is a serious nuclear proliferation challenge.
Syria harbors terrorists and sponsors terrorist activities.

Pre-emptive attack is what we use to avert a war. We don't like war, but when needed, pre-emptive attack could calm down our enemies, make them frustrated and offer them a right motive to their retreats.

Our adversaries' schemes cannot be overlooked. Pre-emptive attack surely affects their aggressive policy and stubborn attitude. In short, enemies should be subjected to being friendly with us, living in harmony with neighbors and making their regions better off.
I'm very proud to be an American. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims can live together in peace in the United States.

Let's fully support the pre-emptive strike policy to keep America beautiful, more secure and safe.

Quang Dao

1 comment:

Ian McGibboney said...

Okay, how wrong is that? Let me count the ways:

1) Only a Bush supporter would use a Cindy Sheehan-style protest tactic to show support for something. That just proves how reactionary they are.

2) Pre-emptive activity guarantees war, which is exactly the opposite of its alleged purpose.

3) If this person doesn't write PR for the White House, they should.

4) "Enemies should be subjected to being friendly with us" ...huh?

5) Never has peace blossomed at the barrel of a gun.