Monday, February 06, 2006

superbowl non sequiturs

the pre-game was more exciting than the game itself. even the commercials sucked something awful.

i've always been cognizant of a latent (or not-so-latent) misogyny in our media and national conscience. watching the superbowl commercials though it struck me just how much worse the bias is than i thought. granted, football game commercials aren't going to target the same market as commercials on lifetime, but the objectification of women in male-oriented advertising is astonishing.

of course, we are the bread-winners, we have the big swinging dicks, we know what's best for women. remember gals that it's "uterUS" not "uterYOU".

cleavage sells beer, and domain names? somehow applied sex and sex acts to domains. i have no idea what one has to do with the other, unless you're registering

i don't like being taunted when i watch television. ultimately that's all commercials are -- a company flaunting something in front of you that you can own at an unreasonable price. it's the way the ad business goes, i get it. my objection comes in when sex enters the equation. i can always buy a fucking domain name, so pimping out your company's product/service is alright. but don't tempt me with a large-brested slut, something i can't just order out for. it's cruel.

a one-second shot of janet jackson's titty is abhorrent, but a "titty suggestion" every other second is acceptable. cleavage cool, nipple not. who decides where these lines (or in this case circles) get drawn?

the rolling stones... looked like they needed to be rolled around in wheelchairs or hospital beds. how about just rolling off into the sunset gracefully?


Ian McGibboney said...

"UterUS, not uterYOU"

Ha ha! I like that. Never heard that before. I'll have to remember it. Good work, phillipses.

wobbleboard said...

Yeah, but the godaddy ad got your attention, which was obviously the point. As per standards, they had to go through something like 14 tries before they had an ad tame enough for ABC. I always find such prudishness hypocritical considering the level of violence on network TV that doesn't seem to upset the moral police. (Example: There was an ad for some new violent film during the Super Bowl that I doubt the censors batted an eye at. Not to mention that football itself is simply institutionalized violence.)

Phillip said...

i never quite understood the sex/violence censorship standards. have you seen csi? they'll show cadavers being autopsied, as graphic as anything i've seen in a movie. it's the same rationale that allows a person to be anti-abortion but pro-death penalty -- an utter lack of self-awareness.

love the mister bananahead picture btw. gob is hilarious.

Nez said...

I am tempted to abandon go-daddy, but they're just so fucking cheap!