Friday, December 02, 2005

yes, fuck yes

tim robbins said yesterday that hillary clinton could kiss his ass. i agree.

don't apologize for being a democrat hillary. don't triangulate. progressive values are american values. what's wrong with supporting civil liberties, protecting the environment, providing universal healthcare, and getting along with the international community? jesus, trying to placate both sides and having these meandering opinions makes me want to eat my own head. why not just demonstrate some fucking balls and say "yeah, i'm a liberal. what's wrong with that? why aren't you?"

even people who disagree would at least respect you for having and sticking to a clear opinion. no wonder noone knows what the democratic position is on anything these days -- everyone has their own little ideas that don't fit on a bumper sticker and it all gets homogenized by the apologists and elephants-in-donkey-clothing (lieberman) and you end up with this big muttled mess that seems like mass whimpering.

be like bernie sanders. be a fuck-yeah-i'm-a liberal.

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Anonymous said...

I met Bernie Sanders in fifth grade. I like to think it was a politically formative event.
so fuck-yeah-i'm-a-liberal. my heart bleeds right through my fucking second-hand sweatshirt.