Monday, December 26, 2005

retourner chez moi

i saw a woman, 50 or 60, standing in the baggage check-in line with, i shit you not, her pants pulled up to her tits. granterd they were pretty saggy, but it was very disturbing nonetheless. doesn't a family member or friend at onn point have to shake a person and shout "for christ's sake pull your pants down to your waist! what's the matter with you? is it going to flood soon?" or "pull your pants up snoop dogg! you look like a damn fool!"

it was also surprising that five (i was bored so i counted) people felt the need to use the airplane lavatories PRIOR to even taking off. it's a 35-minute flight -- is it that impossible to go either before or after? i'm just saying.

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Flamingo Jones said...

I never feel more misanthropic than I do at the airport/on airplanes.