Friday, December 09, 2005

rape me rob me kiss me kill me

america is not the greatest country in the world. we are a population of vanity and greed. we like to tell ourselves that we're free and moral and an example for the rest of the world, but it's all a facade.

how free is someone making minimum wage to live comfortably, out of poverty? we are not free. we receive information (news) that others CHOOSE to divulge to us, to manipulate us. our representatives placate us with rhetoric and glitter while carrying out nefarious, underhanded actions to further their own interests. it's politics, and it kills everything good that this country may have once been.

our so-called elections are not true elections. they are yes or no questions, 0 or 1, this or that, bad or worse, black or white. aren't these absolutes? where's our gray area?

it's the republicans and the democrats -- noone is blameless. with a scant few exceptions, i have no faith in the motives of our "elected" officials. when corporations pay for their elections it's hard to believe they'll pass legislation benefitting the lower and middle classes. look at the tax cuts approved by the house yesterday, par example.

it's a nation of, for and by (bought by) rich, white people. the rest of us fall in line and don't object because we're brainwashed with supposed civic pride; being the "greatest country in the world". our conceptions of freedom are sorely askew.

our leaders rape the world for interests not congruent with the majority of the american people, in the name of the american people, and spin it all so we think they're just. we don't invade for oil, we invade for freedom.

i actually experience stress, real stress, knowing that the taxes that come out of my paycheck go towards torturing innocent people, state-sponsored executions, illegal war, oppression, racism, destruction of the environment, lining the pockets of millionaires, pension-defaulting airlines, and no-bid contracts.

why don't i move to another country then, if i'm so dissatisfied? one, i'm poor. two, i'm a white male. that's it. if i had wealth i'd have it made as much as anyone in this world can.

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Ian McGibboney said...

Which just goes to how you that it isn't even the white man's fault; you and I are both white guys, and we had nothing whatsoever to do with all this crap. It's an eltist subset of white man who is responsible for the great train robbery that is modern America. How elite? They even screw each other!

And yeah, I agree that America has a bit of an arrogance issue. We took a good thing (A) and twisted it (B), leaving us with B while still bragging about having A. Put another way, it's as if we're still bragging about our new Iroc-Z from 1986. It's old now and the transmission leaks! Accept it and move on. Or, at the very least, plug the leak.