Wednesday, November 09, 2005


occasionally friends will say something to me about something they believe, philosophically or something about themselves, that i know is patently false. but i don't always correct them. i avoid pointing our truths to people that may possibly be hurtful.

as with my parents, who are catholic. there's alot of hypocrisy in the catholic church, as well as in any organized religion, that bothers me (and ultimately estranged me from being christian). but i don't bring these things up to my parents, or anyone with religious beliefs, because they obviously want to believe these things that serve a purpose in their life.

would you tell a five-year old that santa claus isn't real? only if you're a complete dick. ignorance is sometimes bliss and i don't think that pulling wool from eyes is always a good idea.

that having been said, it's hard not to call a spade a spade. someone will say to me "i'm not a blank" when it's blatantly obvious that he or she could not be more of a blank.

the inability to recognize fault in yourself and overcome denial is another hobgoblin of little minds. always be in a state of self-evalutation.

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