Monday, November 21, 2005

only good when it's moving

it was an expensive weekend. i bought my parents an antique desk for a housewarming/xmas present, and if you know anything about the price of antique furniture you can imagine that it wasn't cheap. i also had to buy this ultra-boss vintage leather coat at the same store. it too was expensive, but it wouldn't stop calling to me. i was ulysses. i'll take a picture and post it when i get home and you'll understand.

plus, i'm moving to minneapolis -- i need winterwear.

i went out with a girl saturday night i may be in love with. bad bad news. i'm terrified and want to curl up in a corner, which is basically my reaction to everything.


PusBoy said...

Are you really moving to Minneapolis?

Satisfied '75 said...

antiques are big-time $$$