Wednesday, October 05, 2005

...not lest ye be...

harriet miers is bush's nominee for the supreme court. i don't know thing one about her, save for the fact that she's a woman who's never been a judge. i'd really feel safer having a bad nominee that i know is incompetent in lieu of this woman (better the devil you konw).

i'd do a cartwheel if bush had instead nominated judge reinhold. it would have been great to hear a supreme court justice say "mister if you don't shut up i'm gonna kick one hundred percent of your ass!"

or judge joe brown maybe? judge judy? judge dredd? (i AM the law!)

i wouldn't have put any of these choices beyond the president (judgie you're doing a heckuva job).

i don't usually dish on celebrity gossip but this is funny. nicholas cage's wife (alice i think is her name) gave birth to a boy and named him KAL-EL. yes, like superman. kal-el coppola cage. it's not as bad an idea as "city of angels" i guess.

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