Tuesday, September 06, 2005

your shit does, in fact, stink

when i've had a horrendous week i start to feel sorry for myself. i try relentlessly to avoid self-pity, mostly because i hate other people who do it and i hate hypocrisy. so when i start to lament in the least bit my own station in life, or what i deem the lack of a life, i remind myself that there is always someone whose trials are exponentially worse. then i spend an hour trying to kick my own face.

after the attacks on seven-eleven someone said "irony is dead", which i never understood , but i think certainly self-pity should die after the new orleans destruction. not just from this - it's not a first in blatant examples of human suffering - but it's a stern reminder. maybe my personal life is shit and my job is going nowhere, but at least i'm not chopping at the rafters in my attic with a hatchet trying to escape rising water while my family drowns.

someone's situation is always worse than yours. someone is always better than you at what you deem your special talent. when i start to regret not having shoes i remember that at least i have feet.

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