Wednesday, September 21, 2005

tall boy in the morning

the steam coming off of my coffee is a beautiful thing. it seems like one of those things where no two wisps are exactly alike, like snowflakes. rationally, there are probably too many variables involved to ever be able to measure or predict such a thing. philosophically, i just like the idea that not everything is predictable. chaos theory, fate, yadda yadda.

[the adult in me likes the wheat side, but the kid in me prefers the frosted side]

i'm skipping work today. not working on weekends and holidays is great, but there's something special about not working on a day in which you inherently believed you would be working. for those of you jealous that i'm off, just suck it. i only had one day off for xmas last year. my belief is that it had something to do with that whole "assault on christmas" craze of '04.

did anyone watch "my name is earl" last night? is was right damn funny. i've always thought highly of jason lee (and did anyone recognize ethan staplee from such films as mallrats and american history x? he lost alot of lbs.). "the office" airs immediately thereafter, but that's one of those shows i'd rather wait to just watch the whole season on dvd at once. there's something to be said for devoting an entire weekend to one really good show.

also the season premiere of ...svu was last night but i had to tape it. i was busy crafting an excuse to get off of work that i hadn't used before. i went with hysterical blindness. it's not that far from the truth.

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