Sunday, September 25, 2005

survey questionnaire

1. how much do you despise pointless internet surveys?

2. what exactly would you like to do to people who propagate such meaningless surveys?

3. how many magic markers must you sniff to think other people are interested in your favorite color?

4. on average, how many inane online surveys do you encounter per month?

5. how do you respond to someone, friend or otherwise, who sends you a chain-letter survey via e-mail?

6. what's the most ridiculous, retarded, mind-numbingly wretched question you've read in an online survey?

7. why do you suppose one person would give a flying fuck about whether another person prefers coke or pepsi?

8. when you receive an e-mail that instructs you to "pass this on to everyone in your address book or xxxxxxx will happen to you" do you forward it, delete it, or mail an envelope laced with anthrax to the sender?

9. it's been said that mass-mailing religious messages brings you closer to jesus. have you ever felt a burning sensation when you urinate?

10. do you believe that not forwarding an e-mail survey will bring you bad luck? and, if so, how many times a day do you run head-first into hard things?

11. are you averse to irony?

trademark phillip 2005

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