Monday, September 19, 2005

shenanigans i tell you

i've never liked or approved of awards shows (especially the grammy's--one of the most embarrassing blights on our society, second only to george bush). "everybody loves raymond" won for best comedy series at the emmy's last night. color me miffed.

"...raymond" is such a mystery. i cannot understand why it is (was) so hugely popular, or especially why it warrants critical acclaim. since it was the final season was it just for posterity? oh dog please let it have been for posterity (i still don't approve, but don't tell me that it's because the show is funny).

the only thing i can guess is that it's hypnotic: everybody loves raymond. you want to fit in don't you? then YOU must love raymond! zig heil!

how could anything supercede "arrested development" (season two on dvd october 11)? that show is so good that not only should it have won nearly every comedy series award in existence but also the nobel peace prize (for keeping me sane and thwarting my occasional killing sprees), the miss america pageant, the wisconsin state fair pie-eating contest and every junior high school science fair in the country. the entire television industry should be kissing mitchell hurwitz's hairy bean bag for providing it with a saving grace.

jason bateman, if it's any consolation, you won my heart (*tear).

also i'd like to bone portia de rossi sidways. david cross could watch in the corner in his cutoffs, completely unaroused and unconcerned (inside joke for fans of the show).

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