Friday, September 23, 2005

the horror

oh the humanity! help us! HELP US!

nah, not quite that bad. supposedly the worst is yet to come but i'll probably be unconscious for it. i may wait until the power goes out and then sleep.

i was going to take pictures of the weather but for some reason i can't find my camera. i'm hoping that the homeless guy i gave a box of crackers to last night didn't steal it. fucking greedy homeless people.

jim cantore from the weather channel has become the angel of death. they always send his poor ass to cover some of the worst weather there is. he's one of those people that you never want to see in person, kind of like the guy wearing the "i'm a bomb technician if you see me running try to keep up" t-shirts. jim cantore: harbinger of bad things. i hope they pay him well.

i'm going to go try to find a downed power line to lick.

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