Tuesday, August 09, 2005

craw stick du jour

lately i've been frequenting coffee shops despite the fact that i think they're yuppie and too trendy for the likes of me. but i can't stop going; i'm addicted to caffeine and i like the variety. i just wish they would call a spade by its proper name in regards to drink sizes.

this raises my ire. all the sizes are referred to in italian and all different depending on which shop you go to. example: i finally learn that "mondo" is a large at mello joy but look like a freak when i try to get one at cc's. is "small, medium, large" not flashy enough? why not just 1-2-3?

this is the same reason i get pissed off when i buy a sports drink whose flavor is "frozen arctic mountain chill blast off extreme crash" and it's really just grape. it's as if man has suddenly discovered adjectives and now wants to use them incorrectly.

ad nauseum, but i hate commercialism.

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