Thursday, July 28, 2005

oh. my. god.

summary of daddy, why did jesus kill grandma? from amazon:

God's violent anger is directed toward those who dare to question His perfect love for them. Grandma Jenkins is no exception. One little slip of the tongue on her deathbed secured an eternity of separation from God. Marooned alone in the lake of fire, her only company is a visiting red-finned water demon who sodomizes her from the deep as fire waves crash into her screaming head and burst her wrinkled body into flames.

This beautifully illustrated Christian children's book is grounded in the timeless words of Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches all of his children not to be afraid of the Devil, but to be afraid of God. "But I forewarn you whom ye shall fear." Jesus says in Luke 12:5, "Fear Him, who after he hath killed hath the power to cast into hell." This is sound, true Christian doctrine, grounded in the Holy Bible. Talking to a four-year-old child about God's carefully constructed plan of eternal torture in Hell and His unquenchable thirst for human blood can be difficult, but this book makes it easy and fun!

Remember dear Grandma, who baked so well?
Soon she will be baking - This time in Hell!

Dear Daddy, why Grandma? What did she do?
Don't question it child, or God will GET YOU!

and, on the bottom of the info page on amazon:

Customers who bought titles by Pastor Deacon Fred Smith also bought titles by these authors:
Adolf Hitler
Dr. Rev. Jerry Falwell
President George Bush
Rev. Fred Phelps
Jorgé Luis Borges

i shit you not.

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