Wednesday, July 06, 2005


i caught only a snippet of a 4th of july special on abc sunday night, hosted by jeff foxworthy and featuring such rising stars as hillary duff and jesse mccartney. george and laura were there, along with some other political bigwigs. it was great to see cutaways from hillary duff (OBVIOUSLY) lipsyncing to george enjoying the teenie-pop performance. or bill frist's reaction to jesse mccarthey. thoughts permeating my head at the time:
  • is this the apocalypse
  • did dr. moreau produce this
  • why am i watching this
  • why am i conscious
  • what type of person enjoys this type of program
  • must kill self at first sign that i enjoy this
  • is it monday yet
  • the duff doesn't dance, so why the lipsyncing? oh right, she can't sing
  • must get self on american idol somehow - need money
  • must hurt self

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