Friday, July 08, 2005

bass ackwards

american neo-conservatism requires that you only care when fellow white people with a relatable culture are affected, and even then they don't REALLY care. they just showboat and feign concern in order to further their own agenda of fear and following the party line; they are republicans first, americans second, and human beings third, if at all.

i'm not talking about ALL republicans, just the ones in the white house and senate and house and on fox news. they know who they are. or maybe they dont - self-delusion is their art.

nor do i think ALL democrats are noble. there is more than enough fault to find in the democratic party of today. i will say, however, that the problem with democrats is one of communication, whereas the problem with republicans is chronic inhumanity.

hundreds die in africa every day (one every three seconds), not to mention the innocents in iraq (at our own hand), but the headlines are only reserved for 40 or so people dying in a single terrorist act in london? not to make light of the attack - it's heinous - but why not cover death indiscriminately? i guess if they're not white and don't have our oil under their feet then we don't care.

since the attacks here in the u.s. our government has done the. worst. possible. thing. every. step. of. the. way.

iraq is now a haven for terrorists to train against the (supposedly, formerly) finest army in the world. are we still fighting them there so that they won't fight us here? how can anyone convisnce themselves that this is true, especially now?

i heard this analogy on the radio: it's like we got stung by a bee and retaliated by hitting the beehive with a bat, and now that we're getting stung multiple times we just need to use a bigger bat, and problem solved.

everything that has happened is BLOWBACK. terrorist attacks don't happen in a vaccuum. do people HONESTLY believe that they "hate our freedom"? corky thatcher could figure out that this is complete bunk.

maybe we should have abstained from putting bases on their holy land, or pilfering their natural resources (mining every drop of our sweet freedom that somehow wound up under their feet).

terrorists, the media and the (current) administration all have the same agenda: keep us afraid. through the attacks extremists try to drive a wedge between muslims and the rest of the world, newscasts increase their ratings, and our politicians secure paranoia votes while distracting from their corruption.

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