Thursday, June 09, 2005

hot girl?

for a while during my television addiction days i was a big fan of friends, at least the earlier seasons. i remember an episode where joey makes eye contact and flirts with a woman in the apartment building next to theirs. he goes over to talk to her but miscounts the floor her apartment is on and is reduced to wandering the halls of the building yelling "hot girl? hot girl?".

joey tribiani is our national media. instead of looking for a salient job or concentrating on what is actually relevant, he chases the muff around (dazed and confused reference), eats fried stuff with cheese, and borrows money from chandler.

our national press loves runaway brides, celebrity court cases, and especially the missing pretty white girl story, eschewing more important global events for tabloid fodder.

but what else is new(s). 'tis a sorry state of affairs here in americatown.

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