Wednesday, May 25, 2005

pcp music survey

murph passed this survey to me. damn you murph. i'm augmenting some of the topics to make it more interesting.

total size of music files on my computer: 63.9g, 16,269 files

the last cd i bought was: sleater-kinney the woods

song playing right now: kaiser chiefs "i predict a riot"

five (newer) songs i listen to a lot:

  1. beck "qué onda guero"
  2. ...and you will know us by the trail of dead "worlds apart"
  3. lcd soundsystem "tribulations"
  4. queens of the stone age "medication"
  5. fiery furnaces "single again"

...or five songs that mean a lot to me (this is a stupid question):

  1. joy division "she's lost control"
  2. pretty girls make graves "all medicated geniuses"
  3. the beta band "liquid bird"
  4. my vitriol "losing touch"
  5. ride "dreams burn down"

favorite track #1's - i want to express my disdain at bullshit posturing intro tracks on albums that are useless. i'm a 100% proponent of putting your best foot forward, and hazy background lo-fi bull hockey puts a bad taste in my mouth from minute one.

i could also list the albums, but wouldn't it be more fun guessing them yourself or looking them up? you'll be more prone to remembering them if so. no order (and noticeably no new order):

  1. fat truckers "teenage daughter"
  2. the pixies "debaser"
  3. jolie holland "sascha"
  4. my bloody valentine "only shallow"
  5. smashing pumpkinss "i am one" ("cherub rock" also)
  6. super furry animals "hello sunshine"
  7. coldplay "don't panic"
  8. the buzzcocks "orgasm addict"
  9. built to spill "strange"
  10. sleater-kinney "the ballad of ladyman"
  11. air "playground love"
  12. the cranes "shining road"
  13. catherine wheel "god inside my head"
  14. jesus and mary chain "reverence"
  15. medicine "the pink"
  16. neutral milk hotel "king of carrot flowers"

who am i passing this on to? noone - if you want to do it, then by all means.

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