Saturday, May 21, 2005

everybody's workin' for the something

my apologies for submitting some languid posts lately. it's been a rough week at work, meaning i actually had to do things. we're short-handed and have been for some time.

for the second week in a row i'm up on an early saturday morning. i have a serious xanax hangover so i walked to my local cracker barrel for coffee. i haven't had coffee in months - i miss it so. and i'm not one to generally laud the cajun culture as a result of the collective ignorance and bigotry, but communitee coffee is definitely above average. but my standards are low right now.

my mother is visiting this weekend, staying with my aunt. i could only imagine what would happen if she decided to stay with me -- i have to pull a personality 180 around my parents. and at work sometimes, which does not bode will with me at all.

but i've had a good week all-around. arrested development has been renewed for another two seasons, i got sex, a new tv and bed, had lebanese food last night, and today i plan on laying out on my deck, take a nap, and hit the town with sweet lady hooch. what could be better.

and my sincere apologies for being negilgent in reading blogs lately. it's not intentional, molested-scout's honor.


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