Friday, April 08, 2005

non sequiturs

as i said, yesterday was busy. and not the frantic phone-calls-all-day-but-it's-okay-because-i'm-amping-on-caffeine-anyway kind of busy, more the running-cable-through-a-fake-ceiling-while-asbestos-falls-on-my-head-and-face-and-sticks-because-i'm-sweating kind of busy.

normally i would enjoy snorting asbestos on a weekday, but associating that wicked buzz with a work-related, grueling task is not something i want. fucking pavlov.

subsequently i had to shower with soap last night. i mean actual soap! fuck. fortunately running cable isn't something i have to do often.

unfortunately laying cable isn't something i have the chance to do often. wink.

tonight i'm drinking beer alone. and maybe snorting powdered gravy to counter that scag asbestos smell.

females in internet porn are always either barely 18 or m.i.l.f.'s. if only i could engineer the perfect 18-year old m.i.l.f. website i would rule the universe. with an iron fisty.

i'm tired of hearing about the pope. his funeral makes me really worried about the grandeur, or lack thereof, of my own. to have a receiving line at my funeral - that is my goal in life.

our office cleaning service sucks something fierce. instead of cleaning the bathroom and stocking tp and paper towels they just close the door. ostrich dickheads.

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