Wednesday, April 13, 2005

get your bad hands off the good one

fans know that the new sleater-kinney album is coming out next month (may 24), and if you're even moderately adept at downloading music, you can get it.

note: TRUE fans of any band pay for the actual album, whether or not they download it before it debuts. i've already pre-ordered my copy. i should write a post later about my personal music-downloading policy.

the band is also on the cover of this month's magnet magazine, which is the only mag i subscribe to anymore. i've been wronged by other publications, but magnet is consistent - great reviews, free cd with every issue, and the writers, for the most part, aren't high-brow better-than-thou musical douchebags like those from other magazines and sites.

i haven't listened to the woods yet, because (from chartattack):

S-K have posted a nice long letter on their website asking fans to resist the temptation or take the tracks off of their computer, joining leagues of other artists who are trying to put a stop to free downloading.

In the letter signed by Janet Weiss, Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein, they say how excited they are for this CD to come out since it has been almost three years since their last release, One Beat.

"We don't think of The Woods as some product getting out there early, we think of it as our art and lives and dreams. For us it's about respect and about people supporting us by being aware of our artistic intent. We ask that you please respect our wishes to present this record the way we intended. We're certain that you would want the same for your own endeavors, artistic or otherwise."

i can't find this letter (maybe it was on their kill rock stars site but didn't post on their new sub pop site, who knows), but still my guilt and love for the band precludes me from listening to it yet. so i'm not going to. sexually-molested scout's honor.

is it strange for a guy to love girl rock? i'm not going to call s.k. "riot grrl" or anything akin. most people would probably typify them as a girl rock band or a lesbian band or girl punk or feminist or indie or the aforementioned riot grrrl. personally i just think of them as a great band that happens to be female.

and i love many other groups like s.k. i could rattle off about sixty other girl bands (by which i mean bands that just happen to be comprised of girls) right now that i love. they are beaucoup rock n' roll fun.

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