Friday, February 18, 2005

generic title number one

i just heard the nhl hockey season has been cancelled. look how chagrined i am. look. see? see my disappointment? this is my sad face.

i actually do feel for canadians, because canada seems like such a better and more tolerant place to live, and they are all aboot the hockey eh. so canada, my deepest sympathies. and i love that their currency is called the "looney". soon to be more valuable than the american dollar, thanks to our own looney from the land of texas.

my pre-teen cousin has a basketball game tonight that i'm obligated to go to. i keep myself entertained by shouting racial slurs at the white referees. i call them wops and chinks, and occasionally crackers. it's a blast. plus it's fun watching little kids running around haphazardly.

this has been the slowest week ever at work. i've had to psss the time by sniffing markers and playing frisbee with cd's. i've gotten adept at flinging them into trash cans from considerable distances. amazing, considering i'm usually high on marks-a-lots when practicing.

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